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CGI customers use AGETOR for e-commerce and secure data exchange with mobile apps

Business Integration

AGETOR is an off-the-shelf software product that connects your internally systems such as ERP and accounting systems, and with those of your business partners. AGETOR forges a link between two systems, enabling effective and automatic exchange of any electronic business documents and product catalogues.

Input/Output Management

AGETOR converts all inbound documents to a format that can be read by your ERP system. AGETOR also ensures that all outbound documents are converted so that they can be read by the ERP systems of your customers, suppliers and other business partners.


AGETOR enables you to develop smartphone applications, such as time registration and invoice approval without worrying about data safety. AGETOR Mobility is an off-the-shelf product which ensures secure transmission of data between business systems and mobile employees.